Power Puzzle (2007-2008)

Small press release from FIRST about Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and the World Festival

Featured on The Unofficial LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Inventor's Guide Blog

2008 FIRST Lego League World Festival Award Winners
HERE (scroll down)
On LEGO's official website

Featured on WCVB Boston Channel 5 on 'Chronicle', February 6th, 2008

RPI & GE State Tournament Awards

RPI & GE State Tournament Performance Scores

Nano Quest (2006-2007)

New England Robotics Designers have developed a true LEGO legend
In print this article is titled "Revenge of the NERDS"

FIRST LEGO team aims for Atlanta
In print this article is titled "Rise of the NERDs"

Our article, featured in
Zeltech's newsletter (pdf) (South African First Lego League)

Kids Compete with Lego Robots

2006/2007 SBPLI Long Island State Tournament Results

Other - 2006 and earlier

2006 Maine Robotics Track Meet Results (pdf)

Robotics team beats older competition

Upstarts upset high schoolers in robot joust
Corrected Information: Joshua Heinzl was not a mentor,
but a member of the team.
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